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Marianne Vos says goodbye to yellow jersey, her five days in yellow are ‘more than a dream come true’

Today, she tried her best, but she didn’t feel good, and if there were, no one could match the incredible performance of the 39-year-old Movistar driver. About 22 minutes after Van Vleuten, Vos descended on the first big ascent and rode to the end of the Markstein ski resort accompanied by her teammates.

“Of course, you’re not happy to give up [yellow jersey], but obviously that’s not going to happen to me. When they did it at the beginning of the Petit Ballon, all I could do was go at my own pace and I’m happy Being on a good team with a couple of teammates,” Voss said.

The first ascent was a bit difficult for Vos, but once she found her rhythm and made peace with it all, she was able to relax and take it all in – incredible crowd on the whole route, Vognes was amazing The Ambient Mountains and Alsace Vineyards, as well, began competing in the Women’s Tour de France.

“Once I find my rhythm, I can enjoy it,” said Voss, who was seen waving to the crowd as she rode her bike to Markstein Peak.
“This one comes home with us first,” he said, waving to his daughter, who was on a media tour. “It’s really a very special jersey. It’s a dream, a lot has been written about it and now it’s coming true. First time in the Women’s Tour de France (Worth’s generation) and then winning The yellow champ, that’s great.”

Luckily, Voss now has five of these yellow jerseys as she plans to give a special place at home too.

“Yes, that jersey will get a nice spot. It will be a special souvenir later,” she said.

It may not be yellow, but Voss will be wearing the green dot jersey for the final stages of the 2022 Tour de France avec Zwift, which certainly isn’t a bad backup jersey either.