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Jumbo Visma 2020 new season cycling kit



The overall color of Team Jumbo Visma‘s new cycling kit is the same as this year, except that the proportion of yellow and black shirts has changed slightly, from black to yellow. Dutch department store Hema signed a four-year cooperation agreement with the team, and the logo also appeared on the new clothing for the first time. (

The team has achieved an excellent record this year. Rogrich won the third and third championships of Italy and Cruiswick, and the third place of the Tour de France. The newcomer Van Arte also showed extraordinary talent, plus The newly signed big name driver Di Moulin, this lineup, second only to the Sky team, is also one of the latter’s biggest challengers. In terms of the draw, Hrunevich has grown into one of the top sprinters, and it is not difficult to get a few stages.