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Cycling race and team levels



In the road cycling competition, except for the national championships, the drivers participate in the form of teams. According to UCI (International Cycling Union) regulations, the teams are currently divided into three levels, with the highest level being the World Tour Team, followed by the Professional Continental Teams (Professional Continental Teams), and then the national-level Continental Teams (Continental Teams). The number of teams has gradually increased with the decrease in level. Taking 19 years as an example, there were 18 World Tour teams, 25 Professional Continental Teams, and 172 Continental Teams. Generally speaking, the higher the level of the team’s drivers, the stronger the strength of the world tour team, which basically includes all the world-class famous drivers.

The number of World Tour teams is generally 25-30, but only 6-8 people (depending on the race) are allowed in each event. A complete team includes but is not limited to the title sponsor (providing funds, team Named after the sponsor), equipment sponsors (providing bicycles, accessories, cars, etc.), clothing sponsors, etc. In addition to the drivers, the team also has far more behind-the-scenes personnel, such as mechanics, nutritionists, team managers, coaches, physicians, brand operations, etc. Due to the different sponsors, the budgets of each team are also very different, and accordingly Soft power will also be different. In cycling, few teams are profitable. Once the sponsors withdraw their funds, the team will be in danger of dissolution. This also causes the driver’s contract to be generally one or two years, and then transfer or renew the contract after it expires.

Professional Continental Teams
Professional Continental Teams

Since the team has levels, the corresponding events also have different classifications. The World Tour Team faces the highest level of the World Tour (UWT), including three major rounds, five classics, and so on. The World Tour team must participate. In addition, four wild card teams are generally invited to be assigned to the Professional Continental Teams by the event organizing committee. Further down is the 2.HC or 1.HC level, where 1 represents a single-day event and 2 represents a multi-day event. It is followed by the 1.1 or 2.1 level, such as around Taihu Lake, China, etc., and then the 2.2 and 1.2 levels. Teams of any level can participate in this type of competition, but the Professional Continental Teams and the Continental Teams are the main players. The World Tour Team sometimes Will go to win the game, to increase their win rate.

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