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Beauty, are you wearing your cycling kit right?


When you already have a fitted car, the next most important thing is to choose the most suitable riding equipment for yourself. They not only have a bright appearance, but more importantly, they provide protection and function. Sex, comfort, and convenience.

How to choose a riding suit is also the most important thing for female riders. In terms of functionality, a suitable riding suit can make you more comfortable and more efficient. Its special material and close-fitting tailoring can effectively transport the sweat on the body surface through the clothing fibers to the surface of the clothes, and quickly evaporate while riding, achieving the purpose of efficient perspiration and dry riding. In design, the tailored elastic body can effectively reduce the wind resistance and reduce the discomfort caused by the friction between the clothes and the skin. At the same time, the inner cushion design of the cycling pants can properly dampen the shock and diffuse the pressure distribution to reduce the pressure on the perineum.

Soft armor-cycling top

In the distant ancient times, wearing armor, holding weapons, straddling a good horse, galloping thousands of miles, a woman like Mulan, with a suitable armor, is more brilliant and heroic. When a modern lady chooses a bicycle as her sports companion and goes to a racing field or rides a hundred miles, how can she not have the necessary tops. For the female knight, a suitable riding jacket is equivalent to a soft armor during the riding time. Remember, it represents more than a high return rate, you need to experience its comfort and the joy that comes with it.

Women’s cycling tops are mostly bright colors, such as pink, white, blue, etc. The color is the first element that ordinary people feel when they touch an object. The color depends on the object acting on the senses of the person and is most likely to be affected by people Feel. The bright color combination gives a bright and pleasant feeling. At the same time, it is easier to be discovered during riding, which helps to be discovered by motor vehicles and other “road killers” earlier, reducing the potential danger.

Ladies’ cycling tops, in terms of basic functionality, generally still choose fabrics with high moisture absorption and perspiration, both with breathable mesh design, quick perspiration during riding, and keep the body dry for a long time. Soft fabric can reduce scratching on the skin. And most cycling clothing fabrics will also be UV-resistant to increase the sun protection factor. These are all important reasons why you choose cycling clothes.

Of course, when it comes to female cycling wear, compared with a relatively large number of male cyclists, its design is developing towards more exclusive features, which is similar to the design of female exclusive cars. At the same time, this is particularly important for female cyclists. Considering women’s physical characteristics and aesthetic needs, it can be seen that women’s cycling clothes use more waist design to reflect women’s more elegant posture. Through the design of styles, logos and patterns, the body parts that women care about more are naturally covered up. For women, many manufacturers have also emphasized the anti-ultraviolet function of their women’s cycling clothes, which provides more adequate protection for summer riding under the hot sun.

It is worth noting that many women’s cycling clothes are also specially designed with skirts. Although this is not suitable for competitions or high-intensity cycling, it is of special significance to many women who like casual cycling. Because of wearing tight cycling pants, and the cycling pant pad will inevitably appear, so many women feel embarrassed, and sometimes choose to give up wearing cycling pants. The skirt design eliminates this embarrassment and is more beautiful.

Personal care-cycling pants

For women, we would like to define cycling pants as a “personal care”. Compared with men’s cycling pants, women’s options are more extensive. Due to the need for beauty and functionality, they include cycling underwear and cycling pants of different lengths and sizes, and sling jumpsuit pants. The main function of the cycling pants is to increase the comfort of riding and reduce the discomfort of the crotch caused by long-term riding. So no matter what kind of riding pants you choose, in addition to the design, you should pay more attention to the moisture absorption and quick-drying function of the material, and the functionality and comfort of the pant.

Regular brands and car stores will recommend cycling pants of different designs and materials to you according to your different needs. This is especially important. You can choose your own cycling pants according to your personal distance and strength. High-strength or long-time riders can choose 3D three-dimensional pant pads made of high-density foam or high-density silicone according to their personal preferences. Common materials for pads are silicone and sponge. Silicone is soft and elastic, and sponge has good permeability. When choosing, don’t just look at the thickness of the sponge, but pay attention to the sliding and rebound feeling of pressing the panty pad. In addition, 3D three-dimensional cutting design can also provide better muscle covering effect. For low-intensity getaway trips, you can choose car pants with general casual pads, the price is more approachable, and it is suitable for just getting started or easy riding needs.

Because women’s body structure is different from men’s, private parts are more humid and prone to bacteria, so when choosing cycling pants, try to choose regular brands and products that are suitable for you, and don’t try to be cheap. At the same time, the appropriate size is also more important. Defects that are too tight or too loose will expose annoying shortcomings during long periods of riding and bring physical discomfort. Cycling pants are close-fitting clothing, and some brands will also allow you to try on them in underpants to choose the most suitable size.

In addition, at present, many brands have begun to provide custom-made cycling clothing. You can choose the size based on the measurement data and choose the version you like according to the current riding purpose and riding habits; of course, you can also choose your favorite style and color combination . I believe this is obviously more attractive and practical for female cyclists.

The practical significance of cycling clothes and cycling pants is definitely greater than its bright appearance. When you choose the right clothes according to your needs, riding will become simpler and more enjoyable.

Size and color

Generally speaking, the size of riding clothes is divided into S / M / L / XL, but because of the different versions of each type, and the individual differences of each body, so when you choose to wear a bicycle, you must try it on yourself. In order to give full play to its performance, the riding suits are tailored to the body and have a certain elasticity. A tight fitting but not tight riding suit is the most suitable. Considering that the riding posture is leaning forward and the arms are extended forward, you can simulate the riding posture when trying on to see if the sleeves are long enough to cover the wrist, and the back of the clothes is long enough for a long time If the back of the clothing is too short to cover the back waist during riding, it will cool the waist and cause diseases in the lumbar spine.

If you can’t go to the store to try it on, or if you need special customization, you need to measure your shoulder width, measurements and arm length, tell the seller these basic measurement results, and they will recommend a size that is more suitable for you.

Although you can choose the color of the riding suit according to your own preferences, we recommend that you take into account the safety factors and choose a brightly colored riding suit as much as possible, because this is the only way on the more dangerous roads When riding, it will be relatively eye-catching and one step further from the danger. In summer, try not to wear a black riding suit, it will absorb heat and make you sweat. Moreover, women in light or bright colors of cycling clothes shuttle through the city or the field, which is a beautiful scenery in summer.

Of course, helmets, gloves, and riding glasses are all must-have items for riding. You must bring them with you every time you ride. As you cross the entry level, with the increase of car age and improvement of car skills, you will feel that you need more equipment. For example, it is time to have a pair of lock shoes. At this time, you may need another shoe cover and so on. Don’t worry, as more and more female riders join, all major brands are also very focused on the development of female cycling products. There are more cycling equipment designed for female riders on the market. At the same time, it is functional and pleasing to the eye, giving female car lovers who have beauty to have more choices.