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Quick Step Team Signs 2 Year Cooperation Agreement with Wahoo




The Deceuninck-Quick-Step team has announced a two-year partnership with Wahoo Fitness, which will provide Elemnt GPS computers and Tickr heart rate bands before the end of the 2021 season.

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The completion of this cooperation means that the cooperation between the Belgian team and the Paragon watch is only one year away and ends. However, this year, the Quick Steps team won a total of 68 victories, and the team also reached the UCI World Tour Team’s throne.

“We are very happy with Wahoo’s stopwatch,” said Quick Step Team Coach Koen Pelgrim. “Elemnt is a very easy-to-use stopwatch, and its navigation interface is very intuitive, which is very conducive to the training of the team. Similarly, the stopwatch’s application interface is also very good, and riders can easily upload data. We are very happy Ability to work with Wahoo. ”

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“We are honored to start working with the Quick Step team early in preparation for the new season. Our stopwatch and heart rate band will assist the drivers and help them analyze the data for better racing performance.” Wahoo CEO Mike said (Mike Saturnia).