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Tour de France Bernal sees Roglic as strongest opponent in 2020

Tour de France Bernal sees Roglic as strongest opponent in 2020

Tour de France Bernal sees Roglic as strongest opponent in 2020


Egan-Bernal said that Primoz Roglic will be the strongest opponent in the 2020 Tour de France.

Defending champion Bernal has been looking forward to the yellow shirt and emphasized that Slovenian driver Roglic, who won the Tour de West championship last year, is a major threat.

The 2020 Tour de France looks like a tough battle between the Ineos and Jumbo teams, as both teams plan to compete for the championship and have announced the lineup early.

In an interview with the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, Bernal said: “Everything can happen, but in my opinion, Roglic will be the strongest. He has the respect of everyone in the big group, He was the leader of the UCI ranking last year, won the West Ring, stood on the podium of the ring, and performed well in the time trial. His climbing ability is also very good and his performance is very stable. ”

But the 23-year-old driver said you can’t underestimate anyone, noting that Julian Ala-Filip (Quick-Step) caught everyone off guard and nearly won the championship in the Tour de France last year.

In the 2020 Tour de France, Bernal will fight alongside the 2018 championship Geran Thomas. Another leader, Froome, is also trying to recover from the injury in order to play in the French game and launch a scramble for the fifth yellow shirt.

However, the Ineos team will face fierce competition, the most notable is the Jumbo team from the Netherlands, who have significantly improved their drivers’ results in the Grand Tour in recent years. Their efforts brought the drivers to the podium in last three Grand Tournaments last year. Steven Kluiswick finished third in the Tour de France, while Roglic won the Tour de Italy Third overall, and won the championship for the first time in Central West.

In addition, the addition of the former Time Trial World Champion and the 2017 Tournament Italian Championship Tom Dumoulin also greatly promoted the development of the Jumbo team. However, Dumoulin┬áhas recovered from last year’s knee injury, his knee injury has made him missed the second half of the 2019 season, and his 2020 game has been postponed due to illness.

Regarding Jumbo’s Tour de France lineup, Bernal added: “Dimuran will be a very important driver. He is the type of person who can climb more than pure climbing. We don’t know what happened after his injury. How, but I think he will recover. “