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Quintana Signs ARKEA-SAMSIC, Richard Carapaz Transfers To Team Ineos



The long-rumored news in the transfer market has been confirmed recently. The two total scorers of the Movistar Team will announce their departure. Quintana signed a three-year contract with the current intercontinental professional team ARKEA – SAMSIC. Paz chose to enter the strong team Ineos, with a three-year contract.

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After the transfer of multiple drivers, the Movistar Team lineup in the second half of 2019 is slightly thin. For now, only veteran Valverde is left. There are also rumors that Quick Step’s Enriquemas will transfer, but it has not yet Confirm the message. With the three leaders of Valverde, Quintana and Landa, the team’s Grand Tour results have not been satisfactory. Today, there is only one person left, and the prospect can be imagined. However, with the support of the Spanish telecommunications giant, it is not difficult for the team to sign new drivers. After Team Ineos signed Richard Carapaz, the team formed four total scorers, Froome, Thomas and the new Tour de France champion Benal. Good cards are already available. How to play beautifully is the key. In this lineup, it is possible to successfully challenge the three ring champions in a year. Of course, rival Jumbo won’t sit still. Although the budget is only half of Team Ineos, the lineup cannot be underestimated.

The main record of the driver:

Quintana is 29 years old. He joined the Movistar Team in 2012. In 13 years, he showed his talents in total performance. He won the second place in the Tour de France and the polka dot shirt and white shirt. Since then, he has been competing in three major rounds. Both West and Central Italy have been included in the bag, but the trophy of the Tour de France has never been touched. The 14-year winner of the Tour de Italy championship, the second place in the Tour de France in 15 years, the fourth place in the total score, the third in the Tour de France in 16 years, the first place in the Tour de France. Entering 17 years, Quintana challenged the Tour de France and Tour de France for two consecutive years, and won second place in Tour de Italy. In that year, Tour de France won the 12th place, Tour de France in 10th, and Tour de West eighth. In this year’s game, the Tour de France won only eighth place, but in the Central West, the state has rebounded. After nine stages, the total results are temporarily ranked first.

Quintana Signs ARKEA-SAMSIC
Quintana Signs ARKEA-SAMSIC

Richard Carapaz was born in 1993 and joined the Movistar Team in 16 years. He has been a vice general. However, in the 18 years of competition, it gradually showed its prominence, won a stage victory in the ring and finally won the fourth place in the total score. Entering the 19 season, he still took the ring as the goal, and won two stages without being optimistic, and eventually won the pink shirt to reach the peak of his career. He was originally unfortunately injured before the game at the end of the season and had no choice but to miss the game.

Richard Carapaz
Richard Carapaz