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Bahrain Merida team terminates contract with Dennis ahead of schedule




After the World Championships, Team Bahrain-Merida issued a statement that the team had terminated its contract with Australian Rohan Dennis on September 13, 2019. It is to make the latter feel comfortable preparing for the World Championship. At present, Dennis has submitted this resolution to the UCI Arbitration Committee, and the team has no other statement.

Ron Dennis won the championship in the individual time trial of the World Championships last year and joined the Bahrain Merida team this season with a two-year contract. However, in the Tour de France this year, Dennis abruptly withdrew from stage 12 (the next thirteenth season is his personal timekeeping and one of the most popular titles), and the team did not know beforehand. After the incident, neither side stated specific reasons, but according to outside speculation, the decision was made because Dennis was not satisfied with the equipment used.

From the Tour de France retired to this year’s World Championships, Dennis did not participate in any competition during the period. In the personal timing of the World Championships, he did not use the equipment and helmets provided by the sponsor. Instead, he was a standard TT car. It is easy to see that it is TimeMachine, a subsidiary of BMC. Although this does not violate UCI rules, the sponsors as gold sponsors are definitely not happy. After Dennis won the championship, the team did not have any relevant news, but BMC tweeted congratulations. Yesterday’s World Championship road race, Dennis still used BMC vehicles, but on this track that he is not good at early exit.

Combined with the news that the team has already terminated the contract, the team’s recent response has also been eased. There is still a period of time before the end of the season, and Denis, who is recovering as a free agent, won’t be a problem because of his strength. However, since it likes BMC cars so much, will it be possible to join the Dimension Data team, that is, the NTT pro team next season.

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