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What is it like to work at Marianne Vos? “Easy because she won.”

Through the foothills of the Vosges Mountains and the rolling vineyards of Alsace, the sixth stage of the Tour de France, Femmes avec Zwift, ended with another victory for Marianne Vos.

Rough terrain was expected to be the first of three days in the general classification, but the game played out differently, with a big break kicking in and those teams that missed were forced to chase or accept defeat.

In the former group, former British time-trial champion Anna Henderson was one of Voss’ teammates, leaving Jumbo Wismar lucky not to chase. The 23-year-old even launched a few attacks herself, but when they were caught she tried to help lead.

So what is it like to work at Marianne Vos?

“It’s easy to tell the truth because she won.”
Marcus is an excellent rider in her own right, not only is she a national champion, but she is also a talented time trial racer and decent climber. However, despite the race going into the Vosges in the final two stages, six women’s teams struggled to protect her and make it to the stage.

“If you have someone like Marianne in the team that’s really good, you know you can win every day, it’s a good motivation. We need to cheer for it every day, but it’s also very good, very motivational .”

Voss has held the overall front-runner’s maillot jaune and green point jersey since she won Stage 1 the next day, with some speculating she could win the entire tournament. Marcus doesn’t think so.

“No, I think the next days will be too hard for me for Marianne as well. Normally, [trying in the mountains] would be fine, but after six days of hard work, the next few days were hardly What to expect.

“I think the green jersey should be a good target for the next few days, so I think will stay with her.”

Sacrifice is easy when you win.