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Cycling knee pain: what are the causes and how can I overcome it?

We have covered many areas that may be at the root of knee pain in this feature, and we always recommend that you consult a professional before self-diagnosing and repairing. Most cyclists—from beginners to pros—experience knee pain while riding a bike at some point in their cycling career.

“Spring knee” is a friendly term for knee pain that pops up at the worst possible time: like when you pick up speed on your bike to deal with better weather. But knee pain can be just as common in early January, after making a series of ambitious New Year’s resolutions.

Unfortunately, like most “too much, too fast” cycling injuries and ailments, it takes rest to heal. Fortunately, if you’re rested and addressing any underlying bike fitness causes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your summer treks on your bike.

In fact, a study of 116 professional cyclists found that 94 percent experienced some sort of overuse injury within a year, with 23 percent of those riders reporting knee pain.

While pro cyclists of course experience a greater training load, they also have regular physiotherapists and osteopaths at their service – so if nearly a quarter of them struggle with knee pain, you can bet there’s plenty of amateur For enthusiasts, this will be a problem.

If you struggle with knee pain while cycling, fear not – we spoke to former pro rider turned cycling star osteopath, Alice Monger-Godfrey of AMG Osteo, and former pro bike fitter and trainer Jimmy George Kent The V02 Bike is in motion to create a “how” to get back on the bike comfortably.